Latika Hair Care Combo | Natural Oil + Neem Wood Comb

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Latika Hair Care Comb Come with Hair Oil + Neem Wood Comb

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Latika Hair Oil

  • More than 36 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for All Hair Types
  • Proven Results on Dandruff, Hair Conditioning, Hair Fall, Making Scalp Healthy, Hair Greying, Hair Growth, and Hair Thickening
  • Sulfate and Paraben-Free
  • Handmade & Made in India

Latika Neem Wood Comb

  • Made with High-Quality Neem Wood
  • Recommended for All Hair Types
  • Massages scalp, Increases blood flow
  • Untangles knots gently
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Spreads natural sebum evenly
  • Made in India
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Latika Hair Care Combo

Latika Hair Care Combo is a Package of Latika 100% Natural Hair Oil and Latika Neem Wood Comb – Regular. Perfect combo for regular hair care which gives your hair the care it needs 🙂

Introduction – Latika Hair Oil

Latika Hair Oil is a herbal formulation with more than 36 Natural Herbs which heals your scalp and creates an environment that promotes Hair Growth.

Your Hair Problems and How Latika Hair Oil Solves Them

Multiple physical, environmental, genetic, and mental reasons cause hair problems.

Latika Hair Oil has been tested as a potential solution against many common and few severe hair problems, though many hair problems can be severe for such hair problems we suggest you visit a good trichologist or dermatologist. 

We will try to explain the reasons why you must be facing a certain hair problem and how Latika Hair Oil helps you solve that Hair problem.

Hair Fall & Hair Loss

Hair Growth Phases | Latika Hair Oil

Your hair goes through 4 hair growth phases, the last growth phase is called exogen in which your hair naturally sheds, this is what we call Hair Fall, and (don’t panic) this is a Natural Process.

But if you are losing hair in patches or an abnormal quantity then you are suffering from Hair Loss and this is a serious problem.

Hair Loss has different reasons, but before moving to Hair Loss. 

Do this Test

Hair Stuck in Comb

Check the hairs that are stuck on your comb, and closely observe if you can see a hair bulb at the end of the hairs stuck on the comb or not?

If there are hair bulbs noticeable at the end of your hairs, then you are facing Hair Loss.

If you can’t find hair bulbs at the end of your hair, then you are facing a hair breakage.

Both are different problems and start because of different reasons.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss happens because of many reasons there are a few reasons; bacterial infection in your scalp, sudden trauma or injury, heavy medication, chemotherapy, exposure to radiation, high exposure to sunlight (UV rays), a very stressful event, hormonal changes, or genetical reasons.

The majority of these reasons create an environment in your scalp that does not encourage hair growth or disturbs your hair growth stages/cycle.

Latika Hair Oil is a formulation of more than 36 Natural herbs like Reetha, Coconut Oil, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Onion, Brahmi Leaves, Aloe Vera, Amla oil, and many more potent ayurvedic ingredients which are natural DHT receptors and contain many vital minerals, vitamins, and essential proteins which cleans your scalp while creating a growth encouraging environment for your hair growth.

Latika Hair Oil helps you control excessive Hair Loss and creates a Growth Encouraging environment for which in turn results in hair growth.

Hair Breakage

Hair breakage happens because your hair shaft becomes vulnerable by being exposed to non-ideal conditions such as excess moisture in your surrounding, constant exposure to Low Ph/High Ph substances (such as bleach), high exposure to sunlight, overexposure to heating devices (such as straightener or blow dryer) and many such similar conditions.

Certain problems like split ends can’t be solved after occurring however the majority of the problems can be solved using Latika Hair Oil.

Latika Hair Oil naturally conditions your exposed hair and adds a protective coating to your hair shafts which protect your hair shaft when they are exposed to such harsh conditions. Which helps your hair maintain its elasticity and shine over a longer time.


Dandruff is caused because of fungal infection on our scalp. Latika hair oil has many natural cleansing agents which thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hence help you avoid dandruff. In a case where you are still suffering from dandruff even after using Latika Hair Oil and Latika Shampoo Bar, it is recommended to visit a trichologist or dermatologist as this may indicate severe skin or hair problem.


All the ingredients are written on the back of the Latika Hair Oil Bottle, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients we recommend against buying the oil or speaking with a clinical professional before applying the oil to your Scalp.

How to Apply Latika Hair Oil?

  • Before applying Latika Hair Oil, it is recommended to detangle your hair to distribute your scalp oil to your hair.
  • Once you are done detangling your hair, start by applying little oil on your scalp and slowly massage your scalp
  • Once you have massaged your scalp for 15-20 mins distribute the oil throughout your hair from top to end properly
  • Apply the oil at night, and give a thorough wash with Latika Shampoo Bar to remove all the extra Oil extracts from your hair
  • Now feel the difference by moving your hand through your hair 🙂

Latika Neem Wood Comb
Latika Neem Wood Comb – Regular

Introduction – Latika Neem Wood Comb

Latika Neem Wood Regular Comb is a regular wooden comb made from the highest quality handpicked neem wood, Latika Neem Wood Comb is recommended for all hair types, it helps in regulating blood circulation in your scalp, distributing scalp oil throughout your hair, and gently detangles your tangled hair.

Regular Comb
Regular Comb With Wide and Fine Bristles

What is a Regular Comb?

Regular Comb is a type of comb that comes with Wide Tooth bristles as well as fine tooth bristles. Wide Tooth bristles help you detangle your hair, whereas fine-tooth bristle helps add volume to your hair, this is why a Regular Comb is one of the most used combs in Every Indian Household.


How does Neem Wood help?

Neem contains Nimbin, an active ingredient, that is known to reduce and control inflammation and helps you to treat scalp dermatitis, psoriasis, and another type of scalp problems. It is antifungal and disinfects the scalp.

Neem also has fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E that helps to nourish and provide strength to the hair strands. With all the antioxidants and vitamin E, neem regenerates skin cells and promotes a healthy scalp. 

Why Should You Use Neem Wood Comb?

  • Plastic produces static electricity, when you comb your dry hair using plastic combs that results in unnecessary friction and hence causes hair breakage, Latika Neem Wood Comb is a wooden comb and wood is oil in it, the oil acts as a natural lubricant while you comb/detangle your hair. Latika Neem Wood Comb will literally glide through Hair.
  • Latika Neem Wood Comb has round edges which massage your scalp and help good blood circulation which provides more nutrients to your hair follicles making your hair and scalp healthy
  • Our Scalp produces natural oil which is good for our hair but usually, the oil is stuck on your hair roots which makes your hair look dry. Latika Neem Wood comb absorbs the oil and distributes it evenly throughout your hair giving your hair a natural Shine and Lustre

Use Latika Neem Wood Comb after a good Hair Wash with Latika Shampoo Bar, you will start feeling the difference from day 1.

Wish you a Happy Hair Growth Journey 🙂

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    Its a magic oil. Within 3 to 4 applications it starts showing results. Must buy product.

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